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How to choose a Good Brain Injury Lawyer

When looking for the right solicitor for you, it is important to ask the right questions, no matter how blunt they may be, to ensure you get the best possible representation for your case.

Reputable brain injury solicitors should never object to answering your questions in an open and honest manner. If they do object, you should ask yourself why. They may not have your best interests in mind.

When you approach a brain injury solicitor, you should have a list of questions ready. Keep notes of each solicitor's answers for reference.

How long have you handled brain injury claims and how many such cases are you currently acting in?

The answer to this question will give you a general idea of a brain injury solicitor's level of experience and their ability to handle your case. It will also tell you whether or not they handle cases like yours on a fairly regular basis.

If a solicitor is handling a lot of cases, it may be difficult to get one-to-one attention, so always ask who will be directly handling your claim. However, a solicitor who is not acting in any similar cases involving catastrophic injuries might be inexperienced, so check when they last dealt with a claim similar to yours.

What percentage of your current workload is associated with brain injury claims?

Although some brain injury solicitors have the resources to specialise in multiple fields, it is important to know if you are getting the highest level of expertise possible for your specific claim. Brain injury claims and other serious injury claims require a significant level of expertise.

Will you be personally dealing with my claim?

Even if the solicitor you choose is a specialist in brain injury compensation claims, most brain injury solicitors do not always handle each case personally. In some cases, brain injury solicitors pass along cases to junior solicitors within the firm. This explains the importance of ensuring that the solicitor you are choosing deals directly with your case. Just remember, almost all solicitors will delegate or use team work to handle some of the workload. As long as your solicitor has the time necessary to handle your case thoroughly, you will be in good hands.

Are you a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers or Law Society's Personal Injury Panel?

Membership in one or both of these professional organisations indicates specialisation. It also offers a channel for contact in the unfortunate case of a complaint.

Would you be comfortable if I asked for references regarding your ability to handle my claim?

Successful brain injury solicitors should have plenty of satisfied clients and professional references to back up their abilities. Although it can be a difficult question to ask, obtaining information from previous clients may be the most important step in choosing the right solicitor for your case.

You should always seek interviews with at least two firms before choosing a brain injury solicitor. By asking the same questions to different solicitors, you can make a more informed decision for your unique circumstances. It is also important to remember that, if you are unhappy with your solicitor for any reason, you have the right to make a change to another firm.

However, since these types of cases can often be quite emotional, it is always a good idea to talk to your solicitor before deciding to change solicitors.

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