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Have you recently undergone liposuction surgery and suffered injury or illness as a result? If your procedure was carried out at a lower than professional standard, you may be entitled to cosmetic surgery compensation.

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What is liposuction?

Typically, this form of cosmetic surgery is chosen as an option for weight loss and body sculpting when an individual cannot reduce their fat levels through normal measures such as diet and exercise. Liposuction removes excess fat from certain areas of the body.

Although there are a number of techniques, the most common process begins with an anaesthetic fluid injection to dilute and prepare fat cells for removal and dull the pain. Surgeons then utilise ultrasound technology to break down fat cell structures.

After this procedure, drainage needles may be required to drain fluid pockets from the affected areas. The surgeon then makes an incision and uses vacuum-like equipment to suck out the compromised fat cells.

Surgical risks

Although liposuction is generally considered to be safe, the procedure does present some inherent risks. Some of these risks are equal to those found in any other invasive surgical procedures. The common hazards include possible nerve damage, blood clotting, allergic reaction and biological infections. All of these complications present potentially severe consequences. In some cases, they can even cause cardiac arrest, permanent paralysis and brain damage.

All medical centres have a responsibility to check for pre-existing conditions such as heart problems, lung disease and diabetes, so that they can minimize the possibility of these complications, before carrying out liposuction on a patient.

The medical staff must utilise a complete medical questionnaire to identify these issues. They must also provide reasonable explanations of all risks involved to patients. Any necessary medical equipment must be kept on hand to deal with emergencies, if they occur.

Liposuction risks

The amount of fat removed from the individual is the most important factor in assessing the risk of liposuction procedures. Any amount over 10 pounds greatly increases the risks involved with excessive fat removal.

The surgeon must also use caution when managing the fluid ratio during a liposuction procedure. A miscalculation of this ratio can result in serious complications, such as pulmonary oedema. This complication occurs when fat cells and fluid enter the lungs and can cause respiratory failure.

Cosmetic problems can also occur due to excessive liposuction. Loose, uneven or sagging skin may appear and force further corrective surgery. In some cases, the procedure causes alterations in skin pigmentation. A well-trained, competent cosmetic surgeon should be able to avoid these risks and provide the results that patients want.

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