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Healys Recover's experienced and approachable medical negligence solicitors could help you make a claim for cosmetic surgery-related injuries.

One procedure for which you could claim compensation if it has been performed negligently, is a chemical peel.

A chemical peel is the term used to refer to when chemicals are applied to the skin to remove layers of skin cells and help improve an individual's complexion.

There are three types of chemical peel – superficial, medium, and deep.

A superficial peel is the mildest type of chemical peel. A mix of chemicals is applied to a person's face using a sponge, cotton pad, or brush. No anaesthesia is necessary and patients should only feel a mild tingling or stinging sensation. Any reddening of the skin, or peeling and flaking, should pass in a few days.

Medium peels penetrate more deeply. The chemicals used will result in a deliberate second-degree burn. A sedative or painkiller will probably be offered to the patient before the procedure. Skin will feel tight, and will be red and swollen for several days, after which a crust will form and some brown blotches might appear. Five to seven days after the initial treatment, new skin should begin to form.

A deep chemical peel will also cause a second-degree burn. Severe redness, swelling, burning, and throbbing may be experienced by the patient. Potentially, their eyelids may be swollen shut as a reaction to the chemicals used. Painkillers will be provided, and dressings should be applied to the face following the procedure. Cysts or white spots could be present for several weeks.

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As with all cosmetic procedures, there are risks to having this procedure performed. The patient should have a consultation before being booked in for the procedure, where the risks will be explained to them.

Unwanted side-effects from a chemical peel may include scarring, changes in skin colour, skin infections, and heart, kidney, or liver damage.

If you have sustained unacceptable cosmetic surgery-related injuries due to the negligence of a medical professional, you could be entitled to compensation.

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