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Claims for negligent cosmetic surgery

Bring clarity and assurance to your negligence claim by contacting the cosmetic surgery compensation solicitor team at Healys Recover today. When cosmetic treatments and procedures go wrong, the consequences can be traumatic on both a physical and psychological level.

Cosmetic surgery negligence

Around 30,000 cosmetic surgery procedures are carried out the UK each year, with breast enlargement, uplift or reduction, tummy tucks, botox, liposuction, face lifts and rhinoplasty among the most common.

Although the vast majority of procedures will be carried out without serious complication, when negligence occurs, whether as a result of surgical error or post-operative complication, claimants can suffer a range of symptoms, from excessive bleeding or infection to scarring or disfigurement.

Clinicians have a duty to inform patients of all the risks inherent in a procedure, while also allowing a two-week ‘cooling-off' period before any procedure or surgery is carried out, any failures in this regard may constitute grounds for a cosmetic surgery claim.

Furthermore, if the procedure caused unnecessary pain or the results fell short of what had been promised, it may be worth speaking to a cosmetic surgery compensation solicitor about available options in terms of making a claim.

In the above situations, it is only natural that patients are left feeling distressed, angry and vulnerable.

Additionally, most are likely to incur further medical costs for corrective surgery as a result, while many will need therapy or counseling in order to help them manage the traumatic fallout – all of which can be accounted for in the claims process.

Healys Recover cosmetic surgery claims

At Healys Recover we have the experience and expertise to take your claim for substandard or negligent cosmetic procedure forward.

Our cosmetic surgery compensation solicitors combine determination with imagination to bring assurance and direction to the claims process, all the time striving towards the best possible settlement and client care.

Talk to our team in our London or Brighton offices today for more information about the best way of moving forward.

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